Sunday, 13 February 2011

Talk - Lost Historical Houses - Priories Historical Society (Oldcotes)

Just to confirm tomorrows meeting at Oldcotes Village hall will be going ahead.  The hall is currently having an new roof fitted and being redecorated so may not look its best.

talk start at 19.30. Entrance is £3 for non-members or £2 for members. Membership £5 per year and includes a free copy of the magazine we publish three times a year.

Just to remind everyone that the next issue of the magazine is due out in April.  If you wish to publish an article please e-mail us at Priorieshistoricalsociety(at) or hand them in at the desk (I'll not be there tomorrow).  If sending documents via Microsoft Word  (or equivalent) please send them in .doc format.

Dave Cook

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