Thursday, 3 February 2011

News – Sheffield Council Calls On Local People To Name City’s Favourite Buildings

Sheffield City Council is inviting local people to put forward their suggestions on which of the city’s buildings have architectural and historic significance. 
The suggestions could then go forward to go on a local list so that they are formally recognised as important to the city. The locally listed status of a building will be a material consideration in any planning application affecting it
Councillor Penny Baker, Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning said: “Sheffield is a very distinctive city and much of that is down to its buildings. Around 1,200 are ‘listed’ due to their national architectural or historical significance, but there are many more locally significant examples that do not meet the strict national criteria. What we want is for Sheffield people to nominate their personal hidden gems in the city, buildings that are part of our fabric. This is about Sheffield people having their say and helping to preserve some of the city’s amazing architecture.”

A local list will provide formal recognition of those buildings and structures that are valued for the contribution they make to the character of local neighbourhoods or for particular historical associations. Buildings and structures are eligible so this could include milestones, walls, shelters, bridges or even pillar boxes.

While local listing does not provide any additional legal protection or access to funding, it does acknowledge those buildings and structures valued by local people and will be a consideration in the planning process.

Councillor Baker continued: “This is an opportunity to provide recognition of the buildings and structures that are genuinely valued by local people; the features that make their city and neighbourhood special. The local list will not introduce an additional tier of bureaucracy; it is intended to complement existing measures.”
An online nomination form can be completed, and further details about the list obtained, at

Nationally listed buildings and those within the city’s 38 Conservation Areas already enjoy a significant degree of protection so will not be eligible nor will buildings within the Peak District National Park.
The local list will be based on the nominations of local people. Nominations are being accepted up until 12 February 2011 and decisions will be based on five criteria and must meet at least one. These are:

Architectural interest, local historical significance, setting or group value,
For this to apply the building should be by a significant architect, be a strong example of a particular style or type, or exhibit quality in terms of materials or construction techniques.

Local historical significance
Buildings associated with a particular historical event or movement, or a notable person.

Setting or group value
A landmark or a group of buildings that makes a significant contribution to the character of an area.

Age and rarity
Particularly old or rare examples of a building type.

Properties which have not undergone significant alteration  
The list will be formally determined by Community Assemblies. Once the provisional list has been endorsed the owners of the relevant properties will be contacted.

A copy of the final list will be posted on the City Council website.

For more information please contact or telephone 0114 27 34223 

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