Friday, 11 February 2011

Event - University of Sheffield Archaeology Society Lectures 2011

The  University of Sheffield Archaeology Society have several speakers over the coming few months coming to the Archaeology Department  at Northgate House on West Street. The lectures are free for ArchSoc members and only £2 for non members.  All the talks start at 5.30pm:

17th Julian Henderson Nottingham - Update: Talk Cancelled

24th Peter Mitchell Oxford
- Update: Talk Cancelled

3rd Kath Mcsweeney Edinburgh-Ashes to ashes: the analysis of cremated remains

10th Penelope Allison Leicester- Household Archaeology in Outback Australia: consumption practices at the old Kinchega Homestead

17th Simon Stoddart Cambridge- Sensing death in prehistoric Malta

24th Clive Bonsall Edinburgh- Lepenski Vir, Schela Cladovei, and the Origins of the Neolithic in the Danubian Iron Gates

31st Andrew Reynolds UCL- Defending Wessex in the Viking Age: A Case Study of the Avebury Region

7th Hamish Forbes Nottingham - There's more to manure than meets the nose. How the good, bad and ugly become off-site materials

 5th Steve Roskams York - The Heslington East Excavation Project at York; reconciling research, student training and community needs.

12th Lauren McIntyre Sheffield Osteology of the York Barbican

19th Anna Boozer Reading
- The Oases as a Roman Frontier 

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