Tuesday, 24 January 2012

News - Sheriffs ride in with pledge of support for Cold War bomber (Finningley)

ROBIN Hood played host to four sheriffs yesterday as representatives from North, South, East and West Yorkshire pledged their support for an aviation icon.

The High Sheriffs of Yorkshire’s four counties visited Robin Hood Airport, near Doncaster, to view the Cold War Vulcan bomber XH558, which is undergoing its winter service.

It is unusual for all four sheriffs to gather apart from at ceremonial occasions, but Alexandra Holford, of North Yorkshire, counts Vulcan pilot Martin Withers among her neighbours in Crayke, near Easingwold.

Mrs Holroyd said: “We were just talking at a drinks party before Christmas and we came up with the idea of getting all the sheriffs here to give the Vulcan our support.

“We all want to see her flying in the summer, but the aircraft needs a great deal of money to ensure she is airworthy for the show season.”

According to the Vulcan to the Sky Trust £300,000 is needed to ensure that the aircraft is ready for the summer show season.

Sqn Ldr Withers, who flew the Vulcan during the Falklands War, added: “We’ve spent £200,000 just on components for this service, so we really need more support.”

Donations can be made to the charity by calling 0845 5046 558

From: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/around-yorkshire/local-stories/sheriffs_ride_in_with_pledge_of_support_for_cold_war_bomber_1_4172245

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