Thursday, 26 January 2012

News - Memorial talks set to start (Ollerton)

Tesco has agreed to meet representatives of Ollerton Town Council to discuss the building of a miners’ memorial on land near their store. 

It follows strong criticism of the supermarket at December’s town council meeting when it was accused of insulting the people of Ollerton by objecting to a memorial.

Town clerk Mrs Karen Wakefield said Tesco had since contacted her to arrange a meeting between the council and Tesco corporate affairs manager Mr Jonathan Simpson and property manager Kelly Jay.

Mrs Stella Smedley welcomed the progress, but said it was long overdue.

“What a shame it has taken so long,” she said.

“Tesco still has a long way to go to restore trust in their behaviour.”

Tesco said it was against siting the memorial at Forest Road/Edison Rise, the entrance to the former colliery.

However, Jackson Design Associates, on behalf of the town council, has submitted a planning application to Newark and Sherwood Distrioct Council for a memorial at that location.

Campaigners have been trying to get a memorial for years.

Mr Ben Wells felt Press coverage had finally helped secure a meeting with Tesco.

“I would like to thank the Press, because I think they have assisted us in getting this movement,” he said.

Mr Jason Ferguson said: “I want to thank the public for their support, because that is why we have pursued it for so long.”

Residents Mrs Elizabeth Tilstone and Mrs Maureen Pickering, who first collected a petition for a memorial in 2008, were at the meeting.

Mrs Pickering said: “It is just a shame that we couldn’t have reached this stage a lot sooner.”

There is no guarantee that Tesco will agree to a memorial at the former mine entrance. It told the Advertiser last month that it may need the land for future projects, but would discuss alternative locations. 


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