Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Save Worksop Tourist Information Centre

Despite the decision to Close Worksop Tourist Information Centre in 2005 was overturned Bassetlaw District Council are at it again! This time the excuse of saving money has been put forward as the reason (anyone else noticed the not so cheap village signs that have popped up recently?). The reason less people are visiting is that it is hidden away now from the general gaze of people since the library moved. A new town centre location should be found and the TIC promoted.

We lost Worksop Museum several years ago and the council have done nothing for the Towns history - Soon tourists will have no face to face contact with people who can guide them around the areas best visitors spots.

a petition is available in the TIC in the Old Library on Memorial Avenue - please sign it to keep Worksop from finally becoming the back end of nowhere.

Dave C

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