Tuesday, 8 January 2013

News - Chesterfield Canal lock gate relaunch (Worksop)

AN IMPORTANT lock on a canal running south of Sheffield has been reopened after work to correct problems caused by ground movement.
Changes including subsidence are believed to have caused the walls at Stret Lock, on Chesterfield Canal, to narrow slightly, so boats got stuck.
Rod Auton, of Chesterfield Canal Trust, said: “The Canal and River Trust, which manages the eastern section of the canal, started a widening scheme last October last year.
“It involved taking down two of the of the outer brick courses on the towpath side and replacing them with one course, increasing the width by 50mm. There was an open day in November at which about 250 people went down inside the lock to inspect the works.
“The final welding was done on the paddle gear last week. The same day, our trust’s historic boat, Python, approached. This boat had previously got stuck every time it tried to get through the lock, in Worksop. This time it went like a dream, slipping in and out perfectly.
“It might only be two inches of extra room, but it will make all the difference for full sized boats.”
From: http://www.thestar.co.uk/community/chesterfield-canal-lock-gate-relaunch-1-5284745

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