Thursday, 25 October 2012

News - Council urged to act now and save historic Sheffield lodge

CAMPAIGNERS are urging Sheffield Council to save the last remaining historic building at a former school site.

Grange House, built in Victorian times, was one of two mansions that became part of the original Abbeydale Grange Grammar School, off Abbeydale Road.

The neighbouring Holt House, dating back to Georgian times, suffered neglect and an arson attack and was demolished a decade ago.

John Clarke, who is part of the group which has saved Portland Works little mesters’ workshops, near Bramall Lane, said: “The lodge is boarded up and the roof is in poor condition.

“The council needs to take action to preserve it, or sell it so it can be saved.

“Grange House, with Holt House, were the two mansions that formed part of the original school.

“It appears to have been built for John Rodgers, of the Joseph Rodgers cutlery firm.”

Both properties later passed into the ownership of manufacturer John Firth, before being taken over by Sheffield Education Committee in 1918, to house a school.

Howard Greaves, of Hallamshire Historic Building Society, said: “It would be sacrilege to allow it to deteriorate to the point it has to be knocked down.”

Grange House was due to be sold to the developers of sheltered housing on the site of the former school, which closed in 2010, but was withdrawn from the sale.

A council spokesman said: “The building was going to be demolished as part of the site development, but a case was made to keep it as it was considered a ‘character building’.

“Unfortunately, there has been some vandalism, but we have not refused to sell it and are testing the market to get the best deal.”


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