Tuesday, 22 November 2011

News - Call for true state of cottages to be revealed (Newark)

Appearances can be deceptive and the remains of the former Robin Hood Hotel may be in a better condition than many people think, according to a conservation builder.

Mr Chris Healy says stripping the green rendering from the cottages, which formed part of the Newark hotel, and the limewash beneath it could reveal brickwork and pointing in largely good condition.

Newark and Sherwood District Council’s planning committee rejected a recommendation to allow the Grade II listed cottages to be demolished, which has sparked strong debate.

The owner, MF Strawson — part of the Asda-led consortium developing Potterdyke — is reviewing its options before deciding what to do next.

Mr Healy said: “If conserved in the right way, this could be the feather in the developer’s cap,” he said.

“But at the very least, let’s see it with the green limewash removed — in a conservation manner rather than just sand-blasted — so we can see what we stand to lose."

Strawsons say it would cost more than £700,000 to restore them, making it economically unviable.


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