Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Priories Historical Society Meetings 2016

Thursday 5th May Professor Ian Rotherham talks on ‘Robin Hood – fact or myth’. Well-known author, broadcaster and expert on Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood deciphers the myth from reality from the medieval stories of Nottinghamshire’s best known outlaw.

Thursday 2nd June Bassetlaw Museums Sam Glasswell talks on ‘Local Saxons and Vikings’. Sam is an eminent local authority on the area and talks about life after the Romans and the later settlement of the Vikings.

Thursday 7th July Return of the nationally acclaimed folk singer Pete Castle plays and tells tales of traditional English folk songs in his ‘Heroes and Villains’ talk.

Meetings begin at 7.30pm at ‘The Innings’ on Gloucester Road, Worksop S81 0RS. Entry is only £3.

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