Thursday, 7 March 2013

Event - The Hawle In The Pondes -Old Queens Head (Sheffield)

A combined acknowledgement/celebration of the refurbishment of Sheffield's oldest domestic building, the  Old Queens Head on Pond Street in Sheffield, is taking place on Wednesday, the 27th March, at 2pm. Its an ad hoc affair organised by the Friends of Manor Lodge and the Friends Of Sheffield Castle. Appearing will be Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury, aka Bess of Hardwick, trying to pull a pint with her lady in waiting and her estranged husband, the long suffering George Talbot,Sixth Earl of Shrewsbury. [He's had a shave to mark the occasion]. 
Also you can view some interesting artifacts found when the Old Queens Head was last renovated which have been moved to a more prominent location. Bring your camera's to record the occasion and have a natter with bigronclayton of Friends of Sheffield Castle and Friends of Manor Lodge. 
We will be in the OQH from 12:30 so why not pop in for a bite to eat and meet Zuzana Barincova, its new landlady and a representative from Thwaites Brewery, famed for its real ales.

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