Friday, 1 February 2013

News – Tramway heritage should stay in town (Kimberley)

A planning application has been submitted to bulldoze a substation in Kimberley and history groups say it should be keep and turned it into a heritage site.
The substation in James Street is one of only two left from the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Tramway and historians say it should stay.
Roy Plumb said he would love to see it turned into a museum - either for the tramway or the town of Kimberley in general.
“It’s the last remnants of the tramway,” he said. “It could make a superb museum site and we have got plenty of heritage material to fill it.
“It would need money spending on it but it has got great heritage to it. And next year is the centenary of the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Tramway so it would be nice to have it here for that.”
Mr Plumb, the chairman of Kimberley Historical Society, said he was ‘hugely disappointed’ at the application and he was sure Kimberley folk would want a museum.
“I am disappointed at the very least.
“I had hopes it might become a building that could have some community use.
“It’s amazing the amount of people interested in trams and tramways. Look how popular Crich Tramway Museum is.”
The only other substation left from the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire tramway is in Loscoe.
If plans go ahead a house will be built in its place.

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