Tuesday, 18 September 2012

News - Church says notices were on display (Warsop)

FOLK are demanding answers as to why they were not informed about the removal and destruction of an ancient font from a church.

Those living in Warsop are questioning why the 19th Century stone font was removed from St Peter and St Paul on Bishops Walk and broken up.

The Victorian Society recently inquired about its whereabouts and contacted the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese, which said its removal was agreed last October as part of a ‘minor re-ordering’.

In an email correspondence with the Victorian Society, a spokesman for the diocese said: “Although other areas of the church were considered for the font to be moved to, the parish felt in the end that nowhere was suitable.

“As happens in these cases the font was ordered by the chancellor to be broken up and buried in the churchyard.

“This was all done with the approval of the architect and archdeacon and the Diocesan Advisory Committee and the final judgement of the chancellor.”

The Victorian Society says it had no record of being consulted on the move and locals say they would have objected, had they known.

Resident Adrian Hardy said: “My concern is that they have demolished heritage which they have a responsibility to preserve for future generations.

“When they have the begging bowl out they contact everyone, but when they want to demolish our heritage its all done in a rather cloak and dagger manner.”

From: http://www.chad.co.uk/news/local/church-says-notices-were-on-display-1-4921791

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