Tuesday, 21 August 2012

News - Familiar Doncaster landmark consigned to history (Thorpe Marsh)

The familiar cooling towers at Thorpe Marsh power station near Doncaster have been consigned to history.

The last two of the concrete towers have been brought to the ground, half a century since they were built.

Now weeks of work to clear away the rubble has begun, to be followed by the first stages of construction of a new gas power station.

Demolition workers from Teesside based Able UK have spent the summer preparing for the phased demolition of the six towers, which has been carried out with a revolutionary wire pulling technique, rather then the old method of using high explosives.

The previous two towers were brought down on August 5 and Able UK moved ahead of schedule by completing the project on Sunday, rather than the suggested date in September.

Neil Etherington, for Able UK, said the method used to bring down the towers was an ‘important breakthrough’ in demolition technology.

“It is the first time we’ve tried it and there is much less noise involved,” he said.

“We made sure the relevant people in Barnby Dun were informed, but didn’t want traffic jams on the road and to have it as a form of spectator sport, so the job was completed by 7am.

“We think the rubble should be cleared by the end of the autumn so construction of the gas power station can start in 2013.”

Work has already started on an extended sub-station for National Grid which will take electricity from the new Thorpe Marsh power station.

From: http://www.thestar.co.uk/community/familiar-doncaster-landmark-consigned-to-history-1-4852708

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