Monday, 16 July 2012

Website - South Yorkshire Local History

Calling all community and oral historians in South Yorkshire!

A brand-new website is bringing together all community and oral history organisations and activities in South Yorkshire. This is currently being developed by Michelle Winslow (Oral History Society), John Tanner (Barnsley Museum) and Alison Twells (Sheffield Hallam University).

They are aware that lots of people in our region are doing exciting things with local history, hence they are:

• Creating a website to showcase and publicise community history events and projects

• Gathering all groups and activities in South Yorkshire ‘under one roof’ (virtually speaking)

• Providing opportunities to learn from each other about, for example, writing a funding bid, buying oral history equipment, developing books and exhibitions

• Providing an extensive archive of digital resources relating to South Yorkshire’s history

During the last two weeks of July - i.e. now! - they are compiling an initial list of all community history groups in the region. They are seeking your help with this task and would be grateful if you can send the following information by return to Ingrid Hanson at this address:

Name of group:

Key Contact(s) (address, phone and/or email):

Website (if available):

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