Friday, 11 May 2012

Event - Community Archaeology at Water Mill (Papplewick)

On Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th and Friday 18th May Nottinghamshire County Council’s Community Archaeology team will be surveying the remains of a water mill sluice and leet system that powered mills along the River Leen at Papplewick in the 18th century.

The earthworks are at Moorpond Wood- the entrance to which is from the road between Linby and Papplewick.

The water system is of great importance and was owned and created by the Robinsons who were friends of Arkwright who built his mills at Cromford in Derbyshire.

The Cromford Mills are a world heritage site, and so these mills (dating from a similar time, but having gone out of use earlier) are of possible international significance.

They will be mapping the site using an EDM Total Station, to create a map and 3D model.

If you wish to join in please contact them at

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