Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chestefield Canal and Wincobank Hill Fort

Mondays talk by Maureen Taylor went really well and the costume really added to her talk "Elizabethan Life & Society".
We're really looking forward to the Chesterfield Canal Festival at the Rugby Club, Worksop this weekend. Gates open between 10.00 and 17.00.

Many thanks to Worksop Library for donating several maps of Worksop and some vintage 1920's Worksop Guardians. These are much appreciated and the Guardians will be read thoroughly for some juicy old stories.

I'm off to Besthorpe next week to help excavate a Romano-British settlement next to the River Trent. Really looking forward to it as never been on a proper 'dirty' dig before.  The most I did at uni was walkover surveys.

Walkover Survey - Wincobank Hill Fort

DOG walkers and passers-by may notice some unusual activity on Wincobank Hill this month - especially at the weekends.
The Friends of Wincobank Hill are working with Dr Roger Doonan from the Archaeology Department of The University of Sheffield to carry out a survey of the hill fort and the area either side of the brick track leading from Jenkin Road.
The team will be hunting for clues of what lies beneath the soil but aren't planning any digging.
Instead they will be using hi-tech scanning equipment to pick up clues as to what may be hidden.

The community archaeology project is authorised by Sheffield Council and English Heritage and the organisers are hoping the findings may encourage the TV's Time Team to keep Wincobank Hill on their schedule for next summer.

To find out more visit or go to the next Friends meeting which starts at 7pm on Thursday August 1 at Upper Wincobank Chapel, Wincobank Avenue.

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